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Studio 4 – New York

New York is situated on the ground floor of Blueberry Hill Studios. Our joint largest room, it can easily accommodate a 7 / 8 piece band.  New York comes equipped with 3 microphones, cables and stands, floor monitor, 8 channel desk, P.A, drum kit and bass amp.

P.A – Yamaha Stagepas 600i

Bass Amp – Fender / Ashdown / Orange

Guitar Amp – Fender / Orange / Marshall

Drum Kit – Pearl Export

Mics – Shure SM58

Room Size – 42 m2

Also available at reception is extra microphones, various guitar amps, cables including AUX, XLR and Jack, aswel as power extensions.  We also have several 12 channel mixing desks available on request.

Free Onsite Parking, Free Wifi, Lounge, Northstar Coffee, Bar, Draught Beer, Snack Shop, Spares Shop, Merchandise, Student Discount, Solo Discount, Guitar Repairs